European Telecommunication Holding ETH AG, founded in April 1998 following the deregulation of the German telecommunications sector and headquartered in Frankfurt (Germany), is an established and leading international provider of products and services in the telecommunications business. Being market leader in the German ethnic telecommunications market and a leading alternative telecom operator in Turkey, ETH offers telecommunications products and services via its three operating subsidiaries Millenicom GmbH, Alovatan GmbH and Millenicom A.Ş.

ETH became a pioneer and first mover into the ethnic telecommunications market in Germany and enjoys a strong reputation as the best-known provider of telecommunications services. The Company is market leader in the German Call Shop (with more than 1,000 call shops, which also serve as important distribution channels for their GSM products), MVNO, Call-by-Call and Calling Card businesses. In addition, ETH also offers via its subsidiary Millenicom, quality carrier-services to the leading telecommunications companies mostly to Turkish destinations as the Company has direct links to Turkish Telekom and all Turkish GSM operators, ensuring cost effective quality services.

Having gained in-depth experience during the deregulation phases of the German telecommunications market, ETH has already started to transfer this valuable know-how to the deregulating Turkish telecom market very successfully by offering high quality and innovative telecommunications products to corporate and private customers via its subsidiary Millenicom Turkey. The Company has become the leading alternative telecom operator within a short time. As the leader in the market, Millenicom Turkey launched its 1045 service as a new call-by-call product in Turkey in September 2007 and has already reached 2 million individual users.

Furthermore, Millenicom Turkey is providing pre-selection telecommunications services to more than 30.000 corporate customers and expanding at a high rate within new customers.

Millenicom Turkey has also launched Broadband (ADSL and VOIP) services having invested in LLU (local loop unbundling) infrastructure, which ensures a competitive cost structure for the Company. The Group has developed an ethnic GSM- Product, "Mobi", which has reached more than 80,000 active users since it was launched in October 2006. The Group is positioning itself as a leading fixed-line and broadband operator by using the Company’s extensive market and technology know-how gained during the deregulation phase of the German telecommunications market.


March 1998 ETH AG was established in Bendorf, Germany
July 1998 Establishment of ETH Telefondienste GmbH in Berlin, later renamed to Alovatan Telefondienste GmbH
July 1999 E.T.H. AG moves its main office to Frankfurt am Main
November 2000 Company acquires a Telecommunication License Class 4 for telecommunications services from ACC GmbH
2003 ETH AG became the market leader in Call Shop business in Germany
2004 ETH AG became second ranked Calling Card vendor in Germany
2004 ETH AG established its subsidiary in Turkey, A.S.
2006 Number 1 Calling Card and Call Shop supplier in Turkey
2006 Established one of the first ethnic MVNO provider business in Germany with Vodafone cooperation under the brand name 'mobi'
2007 Started call-by-call and pre-selection business in Turkey (market leader)
2008 Investments in LLU (local loop unbundling) to be able to provide ADSL and VOIP # 1 pre-selection voice service provider to SME and corporate customers in Turkey Launched MOBI Shop concept (exclusive agreement with 50 shops)


Mr. Şevki Kuyulu

Şevki Kuyulu has 27 years of experience in Technology, IT and Communications sector in various marketing, sales and management positions. He joined ETH in 2001 as CEO and member of the Board to reengineer the Company to become a dynamic and profitable business enterprise. Under his leadership, ETH has reached its profitability targets and goals to become a leader in the ethnic telecommunications market in Germany, and a major alternative telecom operator in Turkey. Prior to ETH, he worked for NCR, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer and Vestel. Şevki Kuyulu received his BS Degree in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey in 1985 and has completed several marketing, sales and management courses in USA, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey.

Mr. Sefer Özel

Sefer Özel joined to ETH as Controlling and Finance Manager. In 2006 he was appointed CFO and a member of the Board. He previously worked for Arthur Andersen (Audit and Consultancy Services), VF Corporation Turkey (Apparel Retail Industry) and Gima Romania (Retail Store Chains) with management responsibilities in finance, accounting and administration areas and gained experience in different industries. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey in 1996.

Mr. Peter Winkler
(Director Carrier Relations)

Peter Winkler has 12 years of telecommunications experience and has specialized in carrier relations and purchasing. He joined Millenicom in 2006 and became Carrier Department Director in 2007. Prior to Millenicom, he worked for Interroute Telecom and Wavecrest in positions as Traffic Manager, Purchasing Manager and Account Manager. Peter Winkler received his degree from Business School in Fulda, Germany at 2000. He is currently responsible for carrier relations for Millenicom in Germany and Millenicom Turkey.




European Telecommunication Holding / E.T.H. AG

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60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 (0)69/66 55 42 59
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